St. Mary’s College, Knockbeg

St. Mary’s College, Knockbeg
Contractor Entry:  Works Contractor and PSCS
St Marys College, Knockbeg, Co. Laois


St. Mary’s, Knockbeg College is a boys Secondary School, located in Knockbeg Co. Laois, to the north-west of Carlow town. It is located at Knockbeg House, a mid-eighteenth century country house, built in 1847; and has expanded with a variety of extensions having been added at various dates. However, the building is a protected structure. The school will remain operations during the course of the works.

There is building demolition of 2,587m2. New extensions to the college will be approximately 3,227m2.  This extension will be integrated into the current historic school buildings and protected structures. The remaining structures have a floor area of 5,502m2 and will be completely refurbished.

Demolition of existing buildings including part two-storey/part single-storey block on north side of quadrangle (incorporating kitchen, link corridor and associated accommodation); single-storey farm buildings on north and west side of college farm yard (to north of quadrangle); and single- storey study hall, single-storey P.E. Hall, single-storey science laboratory and two-storey toilet block to east of old Knockbeg House;

Works to Front Range, a Protected Structure (RPS no. 966), to include the demolition of three- storey toilet block with water tank to rear (east) of Front Range; construction of three-storey staircase extensions to the north and south gables; and associated internal alterations;

Works to Old College Building (comprising eighteenth century former Knockbeg House and 1870’s school extension to south), a Protected Structure (RPS no. 965), to include the construction of a two-storey staircase extension to the north and a single-storey corridor extension to the east façade; restoration of the west façade of former Knockbeg House with central entrance door and reinstatement of window openings; construction of three-storey classroom extension to east; and associated internal alterations;

Works to 1964 St. Joseph’s Wing, a Protected Structure (RPS no. 967), to include demolition of single-storey porch/link corridor, internal alterations and construction of three-storey classroom extension to south-east;

Construction of three-storey link corridor extension between the Old College Building and St. Joseph’s Wing;

Construction of single-storey assembly hall building and single-storey SNU building on north side of quadrangle;

Construction of single-storey colonnade link between Front Range and Old College Building;

Construction of single-storey P.E. Hall to north-east of Old College Building;

Alterations to existing vehicular entrance to include set-back entrance and associated realignment of boundary to road;

Landscaping to include upgrading of car park and turning circle and new service road to north of the college farm yard;

Associated site works to include attenuation tank and fire water tank.