ISO 9001 Certified Company - Mythen Construction

ISO 9001 Certified Company – Mythen Construction

Mythen Construction has been ISO certified since 2009.  We are proud to announce that we now are certified to the newest standard: ISO 9001: 2015.

Company Quality Policy

It is the established policy of the Board of Directors to operate efficient Quality Assurance Systems.  The Board of Directors, Managing Directors and Management of Mythen Construction Ltd. are totally committed to the Quality Management System and its continuous improvement.

The Company’s Quality Management System conforms to the requirements of EN: ISO9001:2015.

The Company constantly reviews and monitors:

  • Client Specification and its application
  • Performance and Client Satisfaction
  • Management, Employee, Third Party Training and Development
  • Environmental Duty of Care
  • Adherence to latest Health and Safety Legislation
  • Research & Development Opportunities

The Quality Management System is subject to both internal and external scheduled audits in order to ensure a process of constant evaluation and improvement.  This adds to client confidence and maintains the Company’s outstanding reputation within the building & civil engineering industry.

The Directors and Management of the Company are committed to providing resources to facilitate and maintain the Quality System, instruct all staff and sub-contractors that compliance with the requirements of the Company Quality Management System is of paramount importance.

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